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Telecoms hardware supply, support & licensing

Huge savings on all aspects of routing, switching and storage systems, offering up complete end-to-end multi-vendor Network Solutions

OEM compatible accessories & data centre solutions

Wide selection of optics, memory, cabling, patchwork and much more.

Consultancy Services

Asset Recovery

Maximise the value of redundant equipment with AR solutions designed to generate revenue by analysing product demand and current market trends.

Active Discounts

Time to trade up? Get instant discounts on purchases by trading in your obsolete equipment that’s no longer required, for savings on the latest more efficient platforms.

Site Survey & Asset Valuation

Telasys can evaluate your network highlighting areas and equipment that hold the greatest resale value, this live data gives you a clear comprehensive overview when it comes to operational decisions where retiring equipment is in question.

Field Services

Decommissioning and De-installs

Our experienced technicians can safely decommission and dismantle a wide array of telecoms equipment from a variety of sectors, while site analysis allows us to minimise disruption to on-going business over the course of the de-install.

Available as both a stand-alone service or included with a fully managed AR solution.

Integration and Installs

Telasys global integration services can get you up and running sooner. Whether it be at a customer site or data centre of your choosing, assisting with the simplest of installs to those more complicated network upgrades i've got you covered.

Newly deployed systems are setup with initial configuration as standard to facilitate clients with remote access, where with is not possible or you'd prefer our accredited engineers handle the configuration, handover will be carried out on completion of installation works.


We’ll mange all aspects of the repair, collecting the defective hardware from site and returning once we’ve reconditioned , refreshed, remanufactured back to OEM specification. Complete with Telasys' 30 day repair warranty.

All repairs are on a return to service guarantee, so where repairs isn't possible you wont be charged.



TS Care offers manufacture comparable support at a fraction of the cost, giving customers ultimate piece of mind and protection against unnecessary network downtime, troubleshooting issues and hardware defects.

All Care packs are bespoke to meet vendors level of SLA covering technical support matters and hardware defects. Depending on what is required packs can include 8x5 or 24x7 technical support via email, phone and remote access, on-site engineer call out, hardware breakdown cover on a same day, next day and 10 day return to factory cover over the course of the care pack contract.

OEM Support

Whether it’s SmartNet or J-Care we’ve got IT'C covered!!

Telasys works directly with some of the largest manufacturers and resellers to offer manufacture back support contracts. where all TAC case are raised with the original hardware manufacture directly and not Telasys.

Extended Warranty Plans

Why now take advantage of our 3 and 5 year extended warranty plans!! Giving you that extra piece of mind should the thinkable happen. Aiming to get you back online sooner with a hardware replacements expressed international, delivered on site in under 72Hrs (where avaliable).

Or get the full package with our very own TS Care support giving you on site engineer call out, remote technical support and warranty over the course of the plan bundle.

Managed Business Solutions

Telephone Systems

Phone systems to suit your business, helping it thrive and grow. 

At Telasys, we’re ideally placed to deliver the perfect system for you. Whether you need a cloud-based VoIP or on-premises PBX system, we’ll find the solution for you. Taking into consideration what solution maybe most cost-effective and have the flexibility to adapt for the future growth and collaboration for your business.

We'll even consult on your behalf find the best internet and connectivity to suit you needs absolutely free of charge.

Network and Cabling Deployment

Installation services for company’s of all sizes, whether it be only couple of ports to 100’s over multiple floors or sites running CAT5e, CAT6 or fibre cabling we can plan and provision minimising disruption to your business. All coupled with specialist installation and configure a wide variety of network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, wireless networks and IP telephony solutions across a broad range of vendors.

Ongoing Support

Not all business have the specialist IT skills required to mange a maintain feature rich IP networks, where collaborative configuration can get very complex and time consuming. Here at Telasys we can offer ongoing services and support keeping the life line of your business beating, all for a small monthly fee.



Fixed - Fibre -Wireless - Enterprise

From a single module to fully configured systems needed over multiple sites we can fulfil your requirement.

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