Effective communication systems lie at the heart of every efficiently run organisation.

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Managed Business Solutions

Telasys can design, install and support not only on-premise networks and telephony systems but hosted platforms too, improving call handling, distribution and security.

Design and Implementation

Buy with confidence, knowing that Telasys will handle everything from the initial survey to the cable installation and system configuration. Getting your new system up and running sooner.

2 Yr Warranty

All  hardware is supplied complete with 2 years warranty as standard, and same day hardware break fix as part of our comprehensive SLA agreement

Ongoing Support

Keep the life line of you business beating with ongoing support from Telasys, all for a small monthly fee per user.

Our field engineers are accredited to install and maintain a range of on-premise and Hosted Voice telephony platforms, enabling us to specify the best of solution to meet your needs whether it’s hosted in our partners data centre or installed on your premise.

VoIP Telephoney Systems

Phone systems to suit your business, helping it thrive and grow.

At Telasys, we’re ideally placed to deliver the perfect system for you. Whether you need a cloud-based VoIP or on-premise PBX system, we’ll find the solution for you. Taking into consideration what solution maybe most cost-effective and have the flexibility to adapt for the future growth and collaboration for your business.

We’ll even consult on your behalf find the best internet and connectivity to suit you needs absolutely free of charge.




Network and Cabling Deployment

Installation services for company’s of all sizes

We can design, deploy, maintain and relocate voice, WIFI & data networks for business of all sizes. Whether it be only couple of ports to 100’s over multiple floors or sites running CAT5e, CAT6 or fibre cabling we can plan and provision minimising disruption to your business. All coupled with specialist installation and configure a wide variety of network devices, including switches, routers, firewalls, wireless networks and IP telephony solutions across a broad range of vendors.

If you are moving to a new office or need to upgrade your existing voice & data network, we can help with the installation and relocation of the following:

On-Going Support

Keep the life line of you business beating!!

Not all business have the specialist IT skills required to mange a maintain feature rich IP networks, where collaborative configuration can get very complex and time consuming. Here at Telasys we can offer ongoing services and support keeping the life line of your business beating, all for a small monthly fee.

For More information on on-going support, please see our TS BIZ support service.

Products and platforms

Huge savings on all aspects of routing, switching and storage systems, new and EOL platforms available on demand from a single module to fully configured systems needed over multiple sites.

Yes, 100% compatibility

That’s right, all third party optics, memory, DAC and accessories are 100% OEM Compatible regardless of the manufacture; whether that be Cisco, Ciena, Juniper or HP and the list goes on. With additional piece of mind from our no questions asked lifetime guarantee and ARP.

Request a quotation

Or share a BOM with one of our team. We may even fine areas where we can save you money, or introduce more capacity into the configuration at no additional cost.