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Industry leading revenue share, buyback and trade in rates on your obsolete assets.

Consultancy and Asset Services

Redeploy, Resell, Recycle!!

Telasys offers a range of global Asset Recovery solutions from decommissioning, reselling and remanufacturing equipment to site surveys and asset valuations. These procedures are all aimed at releasing disposable revenue for our clients to reinvest, such as next generation platforms or consultancy, and maintaining or expanding their existing networks, enabling you to streamline costs and increase performance and productivity of your network on a smaller footprint.

Take advantage the our active discount program which offers instant discounts on purchases, or alternatively look at profit driven AR solutions aimed at maximising returns. Many of the options available, whether they be fully or partly managed AR solutions, that allows our clients to retain full ownership whilst Telasys markets on their behalf. This is coupled with the ability to tailor each solution specifically to customers’ needs making us a preferred choice.

Active Discounts

Time to trade up? Get instant discounts on purchases by Trading in your obsolete equipment that’s no longer required, for savings on the latest more efficient platforms.


We don’t just resell and redeploy equipment, we remanufacture it, fully testing an refreshing it back to its original condition.

Asset Recovery

Maximise the value of redundant equipment with AR solutions designed to generate revenue by analysing product demand and current market trends.


Equipment that fails to pass our remanufacturing procedures can be recycled, maximising returns by breaking down hardware to raw materials where resale isn’t possible.


Let us manage the repair of your defective hardware and restore it back to full OEM specification.

Asset management in 3-steps

1. Redeploy!

  • Make significant savings by redeploying your own assets back to the field, avoiding the need to buy new.
  • All redeployment call backs are charged at a fixed price regardless of the value of the equipment.
  • Tested, remanufactured and repacked before returning to the field!! Our 9-step hardware refurbishment process and 7-step OS and hardware screening procedure will have your equipment returning to the field refreshed.

2. Resell

  • When your redeployment needs have been replenished and/or are no longer required. Telasys can resell and remanufacture any remaining surplus equipment generating maximum returns on your assets.
  • Clear and fair 65/35 fixed revenue share rates for all customers! No coy preferential rates for the select few.

3. Recycle

  • Maximise the return from your assets by recycling defective systems and undesirable platforms that are no longer needed.
  • Same fair 65/35 revenue share rates as equipment resale.
  • Tracked break down of all raw components and precious metals.

Fully Managed Asset Recovery

Let us take the burden managing those obsolete decommissioned assets with our comprehensive AR solution. Fully managed by Telasys at one of our ESD compliant facilities, equipment is inventoried and stored while you identify mission critical equipment that you may need to redeploy. Once you’ve facilitated your needs and are happy, we’ll commence to strategically market your assets on your behalf, with proposals to recycle equipment we deem unsuitable for our remanufacturing process. 

Partly Managed Asset Recovery

Don’t require complete end-to-end solution with warehousing and recycling facilities? The partly managed service offers just this, allowing customers to retain physical ownership of their assets. Much like the fully managed service Telasys will work to strategically market your assets on your behalf, but on a consignment bases only processing and remanufacturing once necessary.

Active Discounts

Active Discounts is a buy back facility that allows customers to take advantage of instant discounts, offering significant savings on the purchases whether that be new or refurbished equipment. Simply trade in your old obsolete equipment for pre-agreed discount or company credit, trades can be made the same day without long-term contractual agreements.

Site Survey & Asset Valuation

Telasys can evaluate your network highlighting areas and equipment that hold the greatest resale value, this live data gives you a clear comprehensive overview when it comes to operational decisions where retiring equipment is in question.


Why not get us to store your equipment while you arrange redeployment or spare space  at your stores. Only available for existing clients at our discretion.


Let Us Be Part of Your Network

Products and Platforms

Huge savings all aspects of routing, switching and storage systems, new and EOL platforms available on demand from a single module to fully configured systems needed over multiple sites.

Yes, 100% compatibility

That’s right, all 3rd party optics, memory, DAC and accessories are 100% OEM Compatible regardless of the manufacture whether that be Cisco, Ciena, Juniper or HP and the list goes on, with additional piece of mind from our no questions asked lifetime guarantee and ARP.

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Or share a BOM with one of our team. We may even fine areas where we can save you money, or introduce more capacity into the configuration at no additional cost.

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