Telasys offers a wide range of services from end-to-end network solutions to disposal and remanufacture of decommissioned equipment.

Fully configured new and EOL systems available on demand, feel free to discuss your requirement with a member of the team.

Networking and telecommunications equipment

Solution for everything from fixed line to enterprise networks, we can even support EOL platforms.

Telasys offers solutions for a wide range of network types, from fixed line and mobile to wireless and enterprise, specialising in everything from carrier class routing and switching, service routers, base stations IP Phones and other CPE.  We supply complete comprehensive end-to-end multi-vendor solutions across a variety of manufactures with Cisco, Juniper, HP, Sun, Alcatel, Lucent, Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson, Marconi and Ciena being just a few.

We pass on significant savings to our clients achieved through our extensive market knowledge and experience, and buying power with vendors. Coupled with our ability to offer both new and refurbished equipment, or a blend of both, it makes us a preferred partner for many of our clients by tailoring solutions to suit your exact requirements.

Helping where OEM’s have let you down!! We can support and supply spares for  over 98% of the major EOL/EOS legacy platforms, in turn increasing the life cycle of your network and assets. With telecoms technology rapidly evolving we know it leaves end-users and global operators managing vast networks of legacy equipment with little, if any, support from manufactures. With access to millions of parts globally we can source an extensive range of EOL/EOS products, all from a known provenance, to keep you online and extending the life of your network.

If you require support or specific feature licenses let us know and we’ll more than happy to assist.


With millions of new and refurbished products globally we’ve got what you need, even if it’s EOL… Available to ship next day…


Support to suit your budget!! Whether that be Cisco SmartNet, Juniper J-Care or our very own TS Care from Telasys coupled with extended warranty.

All of our new and refurbished hardware is supplied complete with 2 years warranty as standard, but why not ask about our extended 3 & 5 year warranty options.


Buy with confidence, knowing that our equipment is fully tested prior to dispatch. 

Please see our Testing and Screening Page to find out more.


Let us manage the repair of your defective hardware and restore it back to full OEM specification.

New Equipment

Telasys Refurbished, Reconditioned, Remanufactured!

*Terms and conditions apply

From a single module to fully configured systems needed over multiple sites we can fulfil your requirement. Delivering in just a couple of days unlike OEM where leads can run into week's even months, all supplied directly to the customers site ready to commission.

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

Service & Security Routers

Meet ever-growing applications demands and keep all your premises connected with a wide choice of connectivity options including, but not limited to, xDSL, T1/E1/E3/T3, LTE/4G and fibre GE running advanced IPSEC and SSL.

Unified Communication

Finalise business on the latest IP phone or HD video conferencing system, sat on a highly scalable IP solution, or alternatively connect your existing analogue phones to your IP network via universal analogue gateways, providing flexibility but limited scalability and functionally.


Reliable indoor, outdoor and industrial solutions for both unforgiving and harsh environments supporting 802.11n & 802.11ac standards… 

Rugged Industrial

Connect all areas of your business with an enterprise class rugged solution for harsh and remote environments, allowing you to monitor mission critical sectors via LAN or multimode wireless WAN cellular 4G LTE, 3.7G, 3.5G and 3G. Even connect vehicles with M2M technology.

LAN Access, Distribution & Core Switching

Highly secure and scalable distribution and core platforms, optimised for 1/10Gb services (100G ready), offering enhanced security and manageability with wireless control. Couple with access switches intelligently for simplified architecture, ideal for unified access and AP deployment with integrated wireless AP controller.

Carriers, Operators and Service Providers

Service Provider Edge & Core

From 10G to 100G and beyond, meeting the ever growing demand for video, cloud and mobile services all made possible by combining IP, Core transit and optical transport services.

Optical Network

Optical transport network (OTN) provisioning and support for SDH, LAN/WAN PHY Ethernet or WDM networks routing IP, Ethernet & MPLS traffic.

Service Provider Aggregation & Access

Cost effective carrier aggregation Ethernet switching and multiplexing solutions coupled with feature rich access layers converging wireless and fixed traffic over 10Gbps Transport links ideal for mobile application and business.

Mobile Wireless RAN

Optimised for mixed-generation RAN systems running cell site traffic over T1,E1, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS and IP, Supporting all mobile operators with GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE and WIMAX platforms.  

Data Centre and Hosting

Data Centre Switching & Interconnect

LAN, Layer 3 and SAN solutions offering multisite redundancy, scalability over secure WAN on dark fibre, MPLS and IP technologies, supporting todays distributed and clustered infrastructure providing high performance non-stop access to applications and data.

Storage Network

Smart multilayer multiprotocol switch fabric and SAN systems offering 1/2/4/8/16Gbps fibre channel port in addition to 10Gbps FCoE to accommodate physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Cable Operators

Video Access Edge

All-IP CTMS supporting over 64,000 subscribers from a single system with DOCSIS 3.0 over Enhanced IPTV & IP multicast services, meeting the rapid growth of video traffic.

High Speed CPE DOCSIS Modems

Wireless and ethernet only DOCSIS 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 high speed modems ready for customer deployment. Offering the ultimate triple play solution to their door. 


Flexible Solutions delivered by MikroTik!!

MikroTik provides routing, switching and wireless equipment for all possible uses – from the customer location, up to high end data centres.

Whether you are building wireless links across the seas, internet exchanges between countries, and secure tunnels between banks. MikroTik can do it all. 

Running RouterOS, this standalone features rich OS designed for the ISP makes  routing, firewall, bandwidth management, wireless access point, backhaul link, hotspot gateway, VPN server and much more a breeze..

Ask Telasys how MikroTik offers best in class performance and savings!

Yes, 100% compatibility

That’s right, all third party optics, memory, DAC and accessories are 100% OEM Compatible regardless of the manufacture; whether that be Cisco, Ciena, Juniper or HP and the list goes on. With additional piece of mind from our no questions asked lifetime guarantee and ARP.

Request a quotation

Or share a BOM with one of our team. We may even find areas where we can save you money, or introduce more capacity into the configuration at no additional cost.


We’ll mange all aspects of the repair including collecting the defective hardware from site and returning back once we’ve remanufactured back to OEM specification.