PSS Next Day Onsite Support for MPC3E-3D-NG (MIC included except MIC3-100G-DWDM, MIC-3D-1OC192-XFP, MIC-3D-8CHOC3-4CHOC12 & MIC-3D-8OC3OC12-4OC48)



Telasys is a global consultant and reseller for all things telecoms, with extensive service and supply networks across North America, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and many other international locations.

We work tirelessly to supply quality new and refurbished equipment for a wide range of network types, supporting  and supplying equipment for over 98% of the current and EOL/EOS platforms. This makes us a preferred partner for many of our customer when couple with industry leading refurbishment, test and screening procedures. Clients continually see significant savings achieved through our extensive market experience and buying power with vendors, in addition to our ability to offer both new and refurbished products.

With millions of new and refurbished products globally we’ve got what you need, even if it’s EOL…

  • 2 Years warranty on both new and refurbished equipment as Standard.
  • Discounts up to 98% off list price.
  • Hardware 9-step refurbishment process.
  • OS 7-step test and screening procedure.
  • Access to our extended 3 and 5 warranty program.
  • Optional OEM Support contract.
  • Optional TS Care Support contract 24x7x4 and 8x5x4.


Check out Networking and telecommunications equipment for more details and if you require support or specific feature licenses let us know and we’ll more than happy to assist.

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